5 Home Remedies For Cleaning Faux Fur Steering Jackets With Sleeves

Faux fur steering jackets with sleeves are a stylish accessory and provide added warmth and comfort during chilly drives.

However, other clothing items require regular cleaning to maintain their look and longevity.

Keeping them in top-notch condition does not mean you must use expensive professional cleaning services.

This guide will introduce you to a set of simple home remedies that are both cost-effective and convenient.

By employing these techniques, you will ensure your faux fur steering jacket with sleeves remains as plush and vibrant as the day you bought it.

Why Clean Faux Fur Steering Jackets with Sleeves?

Preservation of Faux Fur Texture and Appearance

Let’s face it, the beauty of faux fur lies in its plush and luxurious texture. I remember first receiving a faux fur steering jacket as a gift.

The feel was so soft. When I touched it, I knew I had to do everything possible to maintain that texture. Regular cleaning helps preserve this softness, ensuring the fur doesn’t harden or lose its luster over time.

Removal of Dirt, Dust, and Potential Allergens

If you’re anything like me, you probably eat on the go sometimes. And guess what, some crumbs inevitably end up on your jacket.

Not to mention the dust and allergens that settle on the fur from the outside environment, cleaning your jacket removes these unwanted particles, keeping it fresh and allergy-free.

Prolonging the Lifespan of the Jacket

I still cherish my first faux fur steering jacket and attribute its longevity to proper care and cleaning. When you keep your jacket clean, it lasts longer, saving you money down the line.

Home Remedy #1: Gentle Brushing

When I began caring for my faux fur jacket, I quickly learned the importance of choosing the right cleaning tools. A soft-bristle brush, for example, can effectively clean the fur without damaging it.

Proper Brushing Technique

The trick is to brush gently and in the direction of the fur. This technique ensures that you don’t cause damage or matting.

I usually start brushing from the top and gently work my way down, paying special attention to areas that come into frequent contact with my surroundings, such as the sleeves and collar.

Sleeves and Collar

Speaking of sleeves and collars, these areas are often more prone to dirt since they come in contact with your hands and neck.

Whenever I clean my jacket, I make sure to give these areas a bit more attention. And voila! My jacket always ends up looking as good as new.

Home Remedy #2: Spot Cleaning with Mild Detergent

Choosing a Mild Detergent Suitable for Faux Fur

The first time I needed to clean a stubborn spot on my faux fur jacket, I was worried about what detergent to use.

After some research and experimentation, I found that mild, bleach-free detergents work great. They’re gentle on the fur and don’t cause discoloration.

Preparing a Diluted Detergent Solution

Preparing the solution is simple. I mix a teaspoon of the gentle detergent in a bowl with a cup of lukewarm water.

High temperatures can damage your jacket, so it’s always best to stick with lukewarm water.

Step-by-step Guide for Spot Cleaning on Sleeves and Other Areas

Spot cleaning is my go-to for small stains. I dip a soft cloth into the diluted detergent solution, then gently dab it on the stained area.

Remember not to rub the spot, which can cause the fur to mat. After cleaning, I rinse the area with a cloth dampened with clean water, then let it dry naturally.

Home Remedy #3: Using a Vinegar Solution

Creating a Vinegar and Water Mixture

Vinegar is my best friend when it comes to eliminating odors from my faux fur jacket. I prepare a mixture by combining equal parts of white vinegar and water, and I always ensure enough solution to cover the entire jacket.

Application on Faux Fur Steering Jackets

I apply the vinegar solution evenly over the jacket using a spray bottle. I let it sit briefly before gently blotting the fur with a clean, dry cloth. Let it air dry, and you’ll notice the vinegar smell and the odors disappear.

Benefits of Vinegar in Eliminating Odors and Disinfecting

Aside from being a natural deodorizer, vinegar has disinfecting properties. It’s a handy solution for when I’ve been around smoke or other strong smells. Plus, it gives me peace of mind knowing that my jacket is clean and germ-free.

Home Remedy #4: Cornstarch for Grease Stains

A. Identifying Grease Stains on Faux Fur

I’ve found that the key to handling grease stains is catching them early. Unlike water-based stains that might blend in, grease stains leave a darker patch that feels slick. I usually quickly scan my jacket after a meal out or a cookout session. Trust me, it helps!

B. Applying Cornstarch to Absorb Grease

Once I spot a grease stain, I reach for my trusty cornstarch. I’ve learned that cornstarch is a fantastic absorbent for grease stains. I generously sprinkle it onto the stain and let it sit for a few hours, sometimes overnight, to absorb as much grease as possible.

C. Gentle Cleaning Process to Remove Residue

After giving the cornstarch ample time, I lightly brush it off using a soft-bristled brush. Any lingering stains can usually be spot-cleaned using a diluted detergent solution. Remember, gentle dabbing so as not to damage the fur!

Home Remedy #5: Freezing to Remove Odors

How Freezing Can Eliminate Odors

This may sound strange, but trust me on this- freezing your faux fur jacket can eliminate odors!

I stumbled upon this trick when I accidentally left my jacket in the freezer (don’t ask!). The cold kills bacteria without damaging the fur, leaving the jacket smelling fresh.

Properly Preparing the Jacket for Freezing

Before I toss my jacket into the freezer, I put it in a plastic bag to protect it from accidental spills or food odors. I make sure it’s laid out smoothly and isn’t crumpled up.

Thawing and Gentle Shaking to Restore Fluffiness

After leaving the jacket in the freezer overnight, I take it out and let it thaw naturally. Once it’s at room temperature, I give it a good shake to restore its fluffiness. The result? A clean, odor-free jacket that’s ready for my next adventure!

General Tips for Faux Fur Steering Jackets

Avoiding Excessive Heat and Direct Sunlight

Ever left your faux fur jacket in the backseat of your car on a hot, sunny day? Well, I did once, and I learned my lesson. Excessive heat and direct sunlight can cause the synthetic fibers to melt or fade. Always be mindful of where you leave your faux fur jacket; a cool, shaded area is always the best option.

Proper Storage Recommendations

One of the best ways to keep your jacket in perfect condition is to store it properly. I like to hang mine up in a closet that isn’t too cramped.

This gives the jacket some breathing space and helps it maintain its shape. Also, a fabric garment bag is a great investment to protect it from dust and potential damage.

Periodic Checks for Damage or Wear

As with anything you love, regular check-ups are crucial. I give my jacket a once-over every so often, looking for any signs of wear or damage that might need addressing.

It’s better to catch these things early than to realize one day that your beloved jacket is past the point of no return.


Let’s face it; we all love our faux fur jackets. They’re stylish, cozy, and make a statement. But to keep them looking their best, regular cleaning is essential. It not only maintains the jacket’s appearance but also prolongs its life.

I’ve shared my five favorite home remedies for cleaning faux fur: the vinegar and water solution, cornstarch for grease stains, gentle cleaning for residue, and even freezing to remove odors. Each of these methods is tried and true, and I hope you’ll find them as useful as I have.

So there you have it – my tried and tested methods for keeping faux fur jackets in tip-top shape. Remember, a little effort goes a long way.

Regular maintenance can keep your jacket looking fresh and new season after season. Here’s to many more adventures in your faux fur!

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